Friday, September 23, 2011

Merry Crisis!

August 14, 2010

Spray painted on a light post in Brooklyn. It's pretty common for people to make stencils and go around with some spray paint (I guess at night) and paint sidewalks, light posts, emergency boxes, etc.

Shep and Hippo

August 13, 2010

In the first shot we have Shep on his ridiculously thick bed with part of a raw bone and his mostly unstuffed hippo. He's panting because he's been running around like a wild man with hippo. In the next photo he's shoving his snout under hippo looking for something. He's always fun. As I type this, he's been standing and staring out of the front window for about an hour. It's dark and rainy out, and he doesn't usually stare out with such enthusiasm (unless he sees a neighbor he likes out front) so I wonder what has his attention. Silly dog.

Nightly Craig

(taken August 13)
August 12, 2010

I had a very similar picture actually taken on the 12th but the lighting was different and not very flattering so this one is getting posted. He usually spends at least a little bit of every night like this, staring at his computer screen reading blogs or about whatever he's currently fascinated by.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


August 11, 2010

On his perch by the window, wondering why I won't get the camera out of his face.

Volunteer tomato

August 10, 2010

This little plant popped up in the backyard on its own. I'm guessing a squirrel or bird dropped the seed there. The other photo is of the week's CSA produce. I really liked all the plums we got.

Down by the river

(Taken August 7)
August 9, 2010

I took this shot as we walked back from the trail head into town in Cold Spring. The sun was setting and really bright and this nice tree was in the yard of a nice house on the river. I couldn't decide whether I liked the original (first) or edited (second) version better so you get both.

Beware the park monsters!

August 8, 2010

Someone, seemingly parks department employees, put up these signs on fences of areas where they don't want people (supposedly for ecological reasons). These made me laugh out loud and I'm sure made a lot of others smile.

All in knots

August 7, 2010

A tree we saw while hiking near Cold Spring, NY. We took a MetroNorth train from Manhattan up to this little river town for some hiking. The station is pretty much in town so there was no need for a car. We went to the gear shop and bought a trail map then headed maybe a mile down a road to a trail head. At one point we saw some off-leash dogs and I told Craig I was pretty sure I recognized them. Sure enough, there were some ladies I see occasionally in Prospect Park, also up for a day trip of hiking. Even in a city of 8 million we are always running into to people we know.

Strange fruit

(Taken August 3)
August 6, 2010

Or are they vegetables? These are husk cherries, or at least that's what the farmer we get them from calls them. I've seen them labeled as other things other places. They look like little yellowish tomato/tomatillos mixes and are very tiny. I lined up some on the deck rail for this photo.

Deep in the forest

August 5, 2010

Actually, these are in our living room every few months. I have a potted plant that these sprout up under every now and then.